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Rethink E-commerce Gifting


Rethink E-COmmerce Gifting


Bring your e-commerce gift messaging into the present. It is time to offer more personalization! No more 140-character boxes and printing in small font on the bottom of invoices. LiveCard digitally delivers gift messages to recipients, making e-commerce gifting more fun and personal. Our easily embedded software enables highly personalized video and text gift messages within your checkout flow. Retailers can provide a better experience, increase e-commerce gifting sales and drive site traffic post-delivery with LiveCard.


CONTENT generation

Allow customers to add peronalized gift messages within checkout flow with video, image, and text.


Content Delivery

Gift message content is digitally delivered by LiveCard once the package reaches the recipient.


Post-purchase traffic

Content is displayed on a retailer branded link or mobile app to drive additional traffic post-delivery.


Personalize Your Gifting Experience



Our product can be used worldwide across both mobile app and web e-commerce stores. Our omni-channel products are easily integrated into any customer experience. Our out-of-the box experience can be used or retailers can implement their own designs.

Web SDK/API: Use our web SDK to capture personalized content within your e-commerce flow on both desktop or mobile web

Mobile SDK: Capture personalized content within your e-commerce flow on both iOS & Android